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Digital Support Services

Technology is becoming a big part of our everyday life and is rapidly evolving with a new update, app or service that wasn’t there a moment ago.

So we are here with a mission! To help connect those who have fallen behind the unstoppable tech-train, jump aboard and move their life & business back on track with ease & success in this modern digital world!

bobile and tablet devices
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“I am a 90 year old lady and as a novice with computers and tablets i could always call on my NANATECH-nician to help me. He was so patient in helping me learn to use my new tablet. He would easily get me to the next level when I got stuck on Candy Crush. He would clear memory and showed my husband how to send for products. He would also update my programs and sort out any problems that I had on the tablet always in a cheerful manner. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him.”

Joyce S.


NANATECH saved me a lot of time, frustration and money with their tech expertise and assistance. I was convinced that both my laptop and tablet were on their last legs and I’d need to invest in the big expense of replacing them. But my technician was able to quickly back up all my files and data, as well as cleaning up and streamlining them to enhance the memory and speed so they are now running like new again!”

Kelsi S.


“The business website I inherited was a mess and needed extensive corrective diagnostic repair even before the content was addressed. NANATECH streamlined the confusing number of type faces, colors and information soup into a cohesive, attractive and most importantly understandable and working, effective webpage. The best recommendation is repeat business – I have just asked them to start work on a totally new, separate webpage for my e-commerce business which says more about my satisfaction with the previous work than any verbal recommendation.”

Murray F.

Online Beauty Company

Make Technology Your Friend

Your computer is too slow? Email not working? Having problems with your TV?
Need a new website? Or are you just over being stuck on level 2381 of Candy Crush!?

Let us help! It’s our passion to empower you with friendly and professional support to navigate the digital jungle. We provide tutoring & solutions for life’s technology challenges!

Mobile Devices

Smart Phones, Tablets, Android/IOS. Applications, Updates, Photo/Video Transfer & File Conversions.

Setup and Upgrade

Software & Hardware Updates for Windows, Linux, Android and IOS. Digital Clean up & Restoration.


Problem solving & Diagnostics for all Smart Devices. Providing Solutions & Recommendations.

Online Security

Advice & Set Up of Best Cybersecurity Systems for Protecting Your Valuable Data. Hard Drive Back Up.


Email Issues, Video Calling, Messaging Apps, Cloud Storage. Step by Step Training .

conversion to linux

Installation, Setup & Troubleshooting of Your Newly Converted PC to Linux Mint Environment.

Social Media

Practical Advice & Maintenance. Buying/Selling Online. Facilitating Communication.

Web Development

Website Build, Upgrade & Maintenance. Advice on e-commerce platforms – WP, WIX, Shopify, Ecwid etc